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James is a communications, copywriting and editing professional, with more than ten years of experience assisting international development organizations and businesses in promoting their achievements and products. He has a Bachelor of Journalism with two dean’s commendations from Australia’s University of Queensland, and an International Communications and Development MA with distinction from City, University of London.  

James currently works across four continents, with clients in six nations including the United States, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong and Australia.

James began his career working as a reporter for News Corp newspapers in Brisbane, Australia, where he covered business, environment, real estate and arts news, while also reporting on the work of local charities and NGOs.

Following this, James travelled to Uzbekistan and worked as a field reporter, copywriter and editor at national offices of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Today he lives and works from Gloucester in the United Kingdom.

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James can copy-edit and proofread all English-language texts, including white papers, academic articles, website content, brochures and posters, annual reports, blogs and articles, and social media content of all types.

On request, this service can include re-writing content as required for clarity and ease of comprehension, along with correcting grammar and spelling as a standard service.



James writes a broad variety of English-language texts, including:

    • Website and social media content
    • Success stories and blogs for NGOs, charities, third-sector organizations and businesses
    • Press releases and media engagement materials
    • Marketing collateral/brochures
    • Market reports and business sector news updates


In partnership with Catalina Gardescu and Laura Amza, James offers grant-writing services for small businesses, NGOs, third sector organizations and charities, who are eligible for and can benefit from EU funding.

Formulated in partnership with the client, each proposal will match the requirements of specific grants programs, and reflect each client’s individual needs and objectives.

Academic support:

    • As an experienced academic, James understands the pressure and stress involved in undertaking quality research, completing assignments, and meeting strict deadlines.

      Through half-hour digital consultations, he can assist bachelor-level students on writing assignments, on effective means of researching for and writing university-level assignments, and on ways to prepare for exams with minimal stress and anxiety. He specializes in assisting students studying within the social sciences and humanities fields.

      He also supports masters-level students studying in the same social sciences and humanities:

      • One-hour pre-course digital consultations on planning all aspects of a masters-level course, including efficient research practices, assignment and dissertation planning, and collaboration with professors and tutors. Conducted before studies begin, the purpose of these consultations is to give masters-level students the confidence needed to prepare quality assignments and final dissertations, while making best use of working time and minimizing academic stress.
      • Half-hour consultations on assignment (essay) preparation, including research planning and implementation, essay structuring and development, and efficient drafting and editing processes.

      James is also available to proofread English-language assignments, dissertations and academic articles.


      Please email today to inquire about any of these services, and to receive a quick quote.


Jaloliddin BadalovJaloliddin Badalov, PR and Outreach Specialist, Tashkent

“As the media specialist for UNDP’s ‘Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan’ project, I hired James for four years between 2017 and 2021. In that time he edited countless reports and publications, wrote success stories, press releases and social media content, assisted with our project’s events, and helped lead training workshops. All our team was fond of James, and greatly appreciated his commitment to our project and the consistent quality of his work!”

Kamola NazarovaKamola Nazarova, UNICEF Communications Associate, Tashkent

“James has assisted myself and our communications team for more than ten years – while he was in Tashkent he wrote our quarterly impact newsletter and success stories, and since then he’s been our go-to copyeditor for English-language publications. Never misses a deadline and has amazing attention to detail – I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Sevara KhamidovaSevara Khamidova, Fundraising and M&E Specialist, Tashkent

“James assisted me by editing my master’s dissertation immediately ahead of my submission deadline, particularly in cleaning up my English language, making sure my thought processes and conclusions were presented clearly, and highlighting passages I needed to rework. His fresh perspective was vital at that final stage.”

Feruza NomozovaFeruza Nomozova, UNDP Communications Analyst, Copenhagen

“James has proven an essential source of quality support – he has prepared editorial stories and provided broad media and communications assistance, often jumping in to help at a moment’s notice. His long-distance help was critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. James is ever reliable and professional in what he does.”

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