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Ideas are amazing! They make us feel alive, they energize us, they create meaning in our lives.

Turning ideas into action is not always easy. You might be the creator but not the actor. Not all is lost! We are here to help!

Whether your idea is a paper, and event, a letter or a platform, the Ideas Into Action team is here to support you go to successful action.

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our services

Communications & PR

Communication Strategy
Professional Profile Creation
Crisis Communication
Project Management
Meeting Facilitation

Data Privacy and IT Management

Data Privacy and Protection
Creating a Data Protection Culture
IT Systems Management
Database Management

Copywriting & Editing

Grant Writing
Academic writing support



Our solutions do not come pre-made. We listen to you, discuss and establish the path forward together.


We only take on projects we are sure we can support and develop. We will tell you if we can help you in our first meeting.

commitment &
hard work

Once we have taken on a project, we are committed. Your work becomes our work.


Get in touch!

Book a free call and let us know what your ideas are and where you feel stuck.

We will help you move your ideas into action.

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