Communications and PR

Are you:

  • Lost on what is important to showcase about yourself?
  • Finding it hard to put your ideas into words?
  • Unable to decide what is essential to communicate in a crisis or during change?
  • Skimming through communication advice on the internet and finding nothing quite matches you?
  • Not looking for a quick fix but for lasting effects?

You have come to the right place. You can trust me to listen, care and help. Your job is to share your talent and do the work, mine is to pave your way.

about catalina

I care. I listen. I act.

I observe. I process. I connect.

I see YOU. I listen to YOU. I help YOU.

I believe in the core goodness of people and I have the courage to connect.

Catalina working


Professional Portfolio Package

Support in building your professional profile
This package includes:
  • Face to face meetings
  • Relevant research
  • Documentation building and review
  • Interview roleplay
  • Free feedback session

Presentation Package

Support in building presentations
This package includes:
  • Face to face meetings
  • Research
  • Presentation building: Power Point, Prezi, Video
  • Presentation skills coaching
  • Free feedback session

Campaign Package

This package includes:
  • Face to face meetings
  • Research
  • Campaign building
  • Regular calls and on call support
  • Assistance for campaign implementation and troubleshooting support
  • Free feedback session


my values:

I am a passionate learner, putting my intelligence to work strategically, in the spirit of finding solutions to the situations presented. I am a hard worker, I don’t leave things half done and I don’t need prompting to take action. I am reliable, honest and I pay attention to detail. This is where the difference is made.

I seek to uncover my truth, I love the energy in people, I am passionate about and committed to growing.

I value real connection, I see people, I am honest and committed in my engagements. I am a connector of people and I lead with my heart. Communication is key in everything that we do. It is the bridge to one another and connection is survival.

In my work, I don’t offer general recipes, I pay attention, I work hard and I care.

Work Experience

my writing

What makes life fun:

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